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T. F. McDonald has won awards for his photographs throughout the Southeast. Now that he has recovered most of his eyesight he is available for private sessions in Central Kentucky and his new generation of color prints are available for sale on this website and selected galleries throughout the country.

Contact us to book your own private photo session, event or for information on prints or usage release on any of the pictures on this site. All images on this site are © Copyright 2002-2010, T. F. McDonald, BlindWolf Photography, and URLville Web Services.

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All images on this site are © Copyright 2002-2010, T. F. McDonald, BlindWolf Photography, and URLville Web Services.

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"I spent 8 years unable to see well enough to make pictures. Now that I have recovered much of the use of my sight the whole world of photography has changed. The film has become digital, the darkroom has become a lighted computer screen, the trays, chemicals, hangers and tongs have become photo editing software.  Things have been blurred so long and now I see beauty in all things around me."

"Art is not made, it is discovered. The art has always existed. The artist simply uncovers it and shows it to others."

"I do not really make the pictures, the camera has a mind of its own. I may shoot a particular angle trying for a specific look but, when I later look at the images suddenly the camera chooses an image that jumps from the screen."
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